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Welcome to Agromania! We are a team of people with a common vision to promote bio products coming from Romania, and at the same time promote and support the local farmers, agriculture and, why not, a bit of agro-tourism.

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Transylvania lies on a plateau in the centre of Romania and is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The area is rural except for a few cities and has extensive forests and wild meadows with high biodiversity. Transylvania has been inhabited since the Stone Age, from ancient times it was inhabited by the Dacians, before it was later settled by the Romans. In the 10th century the area was colonis

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Holidays in a transilvanian Village

The sun is just starting to rise. You hear the birds start chirping, a distant dog is barking and a general fuss starts building up as everyone and everything wakes up. This is the way every day begins for these people. Coffee or tea, breakfast or no breakfast, everyone gets to work in one way or another, but waking up in a small town in the middle of the nature is more energizing than any cup of

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