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  • 1. Does your family have animals? What animals do you have?
    Ans: I only have dogs, chickens and cats. I also used to have buffalo
  • 2. Do you like your animals? Which one is preferred? Why?
    Ans: Cows, buffaloes and a dog
  • 3. Can you show us some pictures of your house? what are you producing at home? Where did you learn all this?
    Ans: I make my own wine, the best of the village!
  • 4. Are you satisfied with the prices you get for your products?
    Ans: Yes, I do not need much.
  • 5. What do you wish for the future of your children?
    Ans: Health and a long life.


  • Transfer from the airport in Sibiu - 2 Days before - 30 €



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