everyone has his garden.

Frequently asked question

You will be informed of the shipping costs when invoicing. Deliveries are only possible within the European Union. Unfortunately, the delivery time can take up to two weeks due to the circumstances at the Romanian post office.
You can book your holiday with us on "Stay". You will find all the directions on the interactive map at the beginning. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or mail at any time.
Almost all of them have Romanian as their native tongue, some of them have rudimentary knowledge of German. Many of the younger ones can speak a little English, but it is not the language that is in focus, but the insight into the living environment of these people. You will certainly be warmly welcomed by the villagers and they will explain everything to you in a spirited way.
The profiles are available via the app "Agramonia" and are created in the Playstore, some of them were created by the farmers themselves and some of them were helped by us.