Welcome to Agramonia!

The Project

Agramonia was founded in order to give the rural regions of Romania a sustainable perspective in line with local traditions. We work intensively for the small farmers of tomorrow and try to make village life positive through infrastructure. On this website you can buy local products from the villagers, get an insight into their lives, plan activities and travel in the original Romania. Most farms in the countryside are self-sufficient, producing mainly for their own needs. Due to a lack of income, many people are tempted to earn money in cities and abroad. Their own land is mostly unused as a result agricultural speculators are becoming increasingly widespread. Today, Romania's small farmer is becoming an outdated model. Agramonia offers an alternative! Through rural idyll, local products and an open-minded atmosphere we create a space of well-being and a cultural discovery of Romania. Agriculture, harmony and Romania is what Agramonia stands for. You can expect great views of idyllic landscapes that will delight you. You can look forward to traditional dishes made from fresh homemade ingredients and feel like a local while the charming Romanian culture welcomes you with open arms.