The village, first mentioned in a document in 1223, has experienced a varied history. Different languages, peoples and mentalities shape the culture. The surrounding mountains belong to the Hartibaciu highlands, climate and soil offer ideal conditions for cattle breeding and agriculture. The beech and oak forests - surrounded by pastures with wild herbs blooming in all colors - characterize the landscape around the village. Forests and meadows are rich in mushrooms, herbs and berries.


Located at the church castle we have a restaurant, a food manufactory and a guesthouse. We welcome you with good food as well as cosy apartments. Come and get to know rural Romania!

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Fortified church

In Stejărișu / Probstdorf there is a well-preserved fortified church. The Construction began in the 15th century. The church is surrounded by two ring walls and has two fortified towers. Above the nave, a half-timbered fortified storey was integrated into the castle complex. After the original church had to be abandoned together with the surrounding village due to persistent flooding, it was rebuilt for defence at the beginning of the 15th century because of the Turkish invasions. The Stejărișu / Probstdorf fortified church was part of the project "18 fortified churches", where it was extensively renovated in 2012 and opened for visits. Today, our curator proudly guides the numerous visitors through the fortified churches, climbs with them the narrow stairs of the bacon tower and tells funny and thoughtful stories from the past.

Beautiful Hikes arround the village

The Harticbaciu highvaley is known for its beautiful hilly landscapes - the perfect landscape for hiking in the region. The village is connected to the hiking trail network of “Colinele Transilvaniei” and numerous day trips are possible. The trails are well marked and there is plenty to discover like wild birds, mushrooms, berries and herbs. In Mălâncrav / Malmkrog, Iacobeni / Jakobsdorf and Ruja / Roseln you can also climb the church tower and on request Restaurant in Stejărișu can give you an Romanian picnic.

Traditional cuisine and restaurant

In Stejărișu / Probstdorf is a small traditional restaurant, run by capable women from the village. The Transylvanian cuisine is very hearty and creative, using recipes from the past with additions for today's taste, such as: such as lovage, savory, caraway, laurel and basil.white cabbage, corn and sheep's cheese are the most frequently used ingredients in the Probstdorf restaurant. Traditionally the meal starts with a glass of schnapps, followed by a good soup and a main course. For dessert there are dumplings, honey cake and many other delicacies.

Fruit and vegetable production in the village

In Stejărișu Agramonia has a kitchen where we process fruits, vegetables and wild herbs into high-quality jams, sauces, spreads and teas. In our restaurant you can test the products and buy them for your home or order them online. The fruits are collected in the surrounding forests and freshly processed into sloe, sea buckthorn, elder, rose hip and blackberry jams. We continue to process the vegetables into sacusca, a traditional Romanian spread. We have St. John's wort, meadowsweet, ribwort plantain... and much more on offer.

Our animals

At the entrance to the guesthouse our stork couple is waiting for you. From spring on they welcome every tourist with a lot of clattering. In the courtyard we have bunnies and cats in the garden you will find water buffaloes, goats and sheep. Mozzarella, buffalo milk and goat and sheep cheese can also be bought directly from us or ordered from our menu.