Welcome to Agramonia!

Team Stejarisu

The home base of the project is the small village Stejarisu, where the story of Agramonia began. Here we are a  group with the same goal. We want to improve the lives of our families and the village. We have realized that we have to learn from each other and support each other daily. 

Project manager and initiator of Agramonia is Julius Fabini, he catches a lot of enthusiasm about the country and over time developed this project. 

Rodica Gottschling is our kitchen manager. She learned how to cook for larger groups while cooking for the neighbourhood association. She loves to take on responsibility and is an essential pillar of the pension in Stejarisu. She brings with her ten years of professional owner of the pension. 

Alicee takes care of the garden, buys fruits and produces jams. She knows all the herbs and their healing properties. She is the good spirit of the house and the one who listens to the music at maximum volume.

Nelu attended only one class at school, but he is strong as an ox and knows every installation. He has improvisation for everything. As soon as there is a problem somewhere, everyone screams "NEEELUU!!!".

There are many more supporters and helpers who accompany us in our daily business. Especially Kamlesh Pambhar, the guy responsible for our digital development. Together we look forward to a promising future!