Welcome to Agramonia!


As we lack the resources this year to expand the fruit and vegetable processing as planned, but this step is more essential than ever in times of economic hardship in the village, we ask once again for your financial support.

The economic situation is very tense, many transfer payments from people working abroad are missing. Those working in the factory are in short-time work or have already been dismissed. The part of the village population living in precarious conditions (approx. 40%) does not run its own agriculture and works as day labourers in agriculture and on construction projects in the village. These employment relationships are increasingly coming under pressure as the better-off families postpone construction projects and work in agriculture with family members who previously worked in other jobs.

This crowdfunding serves to support day labourers and their families living in precarious conditions. By buying up forest fruits and herbs we can help these families to get over the difficult times.