Villages in Transylvania

Best agritouristic destinations in Romania

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Nou Sasesc

Nou Săsesc, or Neudorf in German, is a village situated in a side valley of the Great Tarn, which still preserves a good part of the life of the Transylvanian Saxons.

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Copșa Mare

Copșa Mare or Grosskopisch in German is a quiet village situated in the valley next to Biertan. With a great architecture and fortified church invites the picturesque village.

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Near to Medias is the beautiful town of Biertan which impresses by her unesco world heritage church fortress in the center of the town.

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An old village in the beautiful movile hills. Movile is named after one hundert hills by which the village is surounded.

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Here is the headquarter of Agramonia, where you can find our restaurant and guest house. With the highest density of traditional products and activities it is the perfect place for your holidays! With the highest density of Agricultural products and Activities it is the perfect place for your holidays.

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